My Programs

I have worked on some simple java programs, and they mostly fester in my hard drive, so I figured I’d post them for the world. They are all covered by the GPL copyright license, so feel free to use any of them for personal projects. For anything else, just post a comment and I will get back to you.

Funny story: I can’t upload .java, .class or .html files into wordpress. So I have just uploaded them into google docs, and created a programs folder accessible by anyone without the need to log in. Here is the link to it: Peter’s Programs. The following are descriptions of the programs (or classes) available within this folder

Gauge: This is a Java Component which creates a graphical semi-circular gauge with a pointer indicator. Much like speedometers on most cars. It is really simple to implement, so for a simple gauge it works great. Within the Gauge folder is a, Gauge.class, and Gauge.html (javadoc file).

Roller: This is a Java Component which creates a graphical gauge. The gauge is a roller with a stationary pointer, all in a rectangular frame. This is once again very simple to implement, and works great when the maximum and minimum value to be shown are unknown values (such as altitude). Similar look to the wheel on “The Price is Right”, but keeps going infinitely instead of rolling back to 0 at some point. Within the Roller folder is a, Roller.class, and Roller.html (javadoc file).

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